Blooweb by Bloo S.r.l. furnishes web hosting, server and recording you dominate, and it is composed from a staff of specialized technicians highly in management of server and computer safety. has been founded by the Bloo S.r.l., web Italian agency whose team (with decennial experience in the sector of the Internet services) is endowed with a competence of elevated thickness, guarantees notable safety standards and reliability and a constant and punctual assistance.
And' besides partner with the greatest international registrars, for the recording and management of the and it is accredited for, etc.

Beginning from the end of the 2007 has become ownership of the BLOO S.r.l. that it manages the services to mark BLOO.

The servers are near the web farm of the Contabo GmbH (Monk and Norimberga), society leader in the field of the web hosting and housing in Germany.
The Data Center of the servers are protected from systems fireproof, antintrusione, systems of backup and UPS of emergency.
The servers of as the connettività, are sovradimensionati in comparison to the activity of the entertained sites. This also guarantees the maximum quality of service to verify him of notable woodpeckers of use, getting a guaranteed uptime to 99,50% (S.L.To.).

Constantly adjourned and monitorati, the servers use some most powerful and sure technologies Open Source (operational systems Linux, web server Apache, language PHP, database MySQL, etc...) to also guarantee elevated performances in case of elevated traffic to the most convenient prices.
You systematize as those that we furnish us, they allow to exploit at the most all the best technologies and techniques of planning "web oriented" currently available. has as target is the market consumer / home thanks to the good relationship price / quality of the services (what currently it results among the best in Italy), both to a clientele of taller band, or rather firms, sites and-commerce, portals.